For adults:
Shiatsu / acupressure / TCM therapy: €80,- (takes about 1 hour)

Reiki: €75,- (takes about 1 hour)

Chair massage: € 30 (takes about half an hour)


Would you like to come several times for a treatment?

Then you can choose to take a strip card.

I have strip cards of 5 and 10 treatments.


With the strip card of 10 you get a € 75 discount, so you pay €725,-

With the strip card of 5 you get a € 35 discount, so you pay € 365,-



Psychic Reading, full: €150,- (takes about an hour and a half hour)

Psychic Reading, theme: €80,- (takes approximately 1 hour)

Art Therapy: €75,- (takes approximately 1 hour)


For children:

The duration of a treatment is shorter, namely 30-45 minutes.
The costs for Child Therapy are € 50 per consultation.




And if you'd like to give yourself or your lovedone a treatment as a gift, you can! 

Send me a message requesting a gift voucher,

then I will send it to you completely personalized.

Shiatsu / Acupressure / TCM therapy is reimbursed by most additional health insurance policies, below you will find a link to the reimbursing parties:









* The appointment can be rescheduled or canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance.

* An appointment canceled too late, even if it concerns the first appointment, will result in € 25 being charged.





Chamber of Commerce registration number: 62027492

Certificate of Good Behavior: 45, Healthcare and welfare of humans and animals

AGB codes: 90068450 & 90109489

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