A Psychic reading is an intuitive observation of the energy of you and the interaction with your environment. It is a stream of practical information about your appearance; a snapshot against the background of the past and with references to the future.

I provide theme readings and full readings. A theme reading is a reading where I look at a specific theme / question from you in the present, and a full reading is one where I look at your entire energetic system, incorporating the past, present and future.

A reading offers you the opportunity to find your own answers to your questions from a broader perspective. It provides insight and brings you to the essence of what you are doing.

During the reading I look at your aura and the chakras. I will pass on the information that is released to you.

The aura is, as it were, your personal, energetic library, where all memories, events and potentials are available for information. The aura surrounds and runs through the physical body and is always in motion.

The chakras are translated from Sanskrit to energy 'wheel' or 'disk'. There are a number of major chakras that I will discuss with you during the reading, in which the different levels of consciousness intersect or meet. The chakras that I bring during the reading are the crown, third eye, throat, heart. , solar plexus, umbilical root and foot chakras,
and all the information I give you write down.