My name is Sherydah and I started at the age of 17 with the courses for Reiki Master and Psychic Reading, Healing & Bodywork; both courses had a duration of 3 years. After that I briefly attended Anthroposophical Primary Education and worked a lot with groups. I had three beautiful children and a wonderful husband, but unfortunately during my twenties and thirties I also experienced violence, sexually, emotionally and verbally. As a result, I developed binges, got a burnout and was quite anxious to live. To process all this I did a lot of (self) treatments in Reiki, Mindfulness and Art therapy. I also sought psychological help (Psychotherapy and EFT), I underwent EMDR treatments and Acupuncture and started training Kung Fu / Wing Chun.


I started to feel stronger again and became more and more interested in what had helped me so much, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Dietetics and Emotion Focused Psychotherapy (EFT). This brought me to the 4-year training as an Iokai Shiatsu / Acupressure therapist, which I completed with good results. Because this holistic form of medicine turns out to be so effective, both for our Mind and Body, I immediately continued with the (for me) advanced 3-year Acupuncture course at Shenzhou Open University of TCM.


I noticed that many of my patients and clients (young and old) unfortunately also had to deal with (a lot of) violence -in whatever form-, and I could clearly see how these traumas were (and are) stored in the body . Because I know the impact violence has on our mind, body and soul, I gradually started specializing in trauma processing, and so - together with my patients and clients - I have already been able to deal with a lot of pain, fear and sadness with them. resolve, both emotionally and physically.


Diseases are a form of communication from and with the body. And I would love to help you understand this language. To recognize the story behind it and to investigate it in a safe way so that the illness or pain is no longer necessary as a means of communication.